Promote Content Guide

Step 1 : Select content to promote

Login to your account and go to ‘Promote Content’ menu. Then Select content to promote.



Step 2: Join relevant groups for target country.

It’s important to post on relevant groups to validate your post. We accept quality group posts only.

Finding quality groups for target country

    1. Login to your facebook account and go to ‘Buy and Sell’ groups


2. Zoom in the map to a city of your target country. Eg Sydney- Australia


  1. Click Join group button and request to join 25-30 groups.
  2. It may take a 1-2 days to get approved. You can do the same with Facebook ‘Marketplace’ app


Step 3 : Post on the groups

Once you get approved, Copy and paste the selected content in the group.

  1. Preview of the link should be available on the post


  1. Once you posted, take a screenshot of your post and upload it. You will get $0.5 within 24 hours


Note: You will not get credits for repeating content in the same group within 7 days.

Ex. You joined group ‘X’ and post a content on Monday. You cannot post same content on group ‘X’ until next Monday. However you can join any number of groups and post on them.