Promote Apps

You can promote apps and get paid when someone download it through your app promotion URL.

Your app promotion URL is :
How it works?

When someone clicks on your App Promotion URL, he/she will be directed to an App list. When they download an app from the list, you will get paid. the amount will be vary from $0.5 to $10 depending on the App.

How to promote your app promotion URL?

People might not download apps from your App promotion URL without any reason. We redirect the user to a music video once they complete the download.

So you can promote your URL as a link to a music video.



  • You can promote your link on your Facebook Wall, Facebook groups, Twitter, WhatsApp Groups, Viber, Forums or any other social media.
  • Please do not spam, that will leads to block your link

If you have any problem, please contact us via our Facebook page or [email protected]