Getting Started Guide

Welcome aboard! We’ve put together this guide to help you get started and make AppDimes work for you.

What is AppDimes?

AppDimes is a service which allows you to earn money by downloading Apps and completing simple tasks.

Login to AppDimes

Since most of our activity is related to mobile, we strongly recommend you to login to with your smartphone.

Make money with AppDimes

There are two main ways to make money with AppDimes.

  1. By downloading Apps
  2. By completing tasks

Once you logged in, you will see three App lists in the menu. App list is simply a collection of apps and tasks. Here you will see the amount you will earn for each App/task.

Download Apps

Select an App to download from an App list and read the instructions carefully. some Apps or games has conditions like reach fist game level or use it for 15 mins etc. Open the downloaded app and keep using it until you get a confirmation email from AppDimes. It could take up to 15 minutes. Please note that you will only get your money after you receive the confirmation email.

Post content on Facebook groups

Go to ‘Promotional Tasks‘ menu and select a content that you wish to promote. Then join Facebook groups according to the instructions. Once you post the content, upload a screenshot. You will get $0.5 per post.

Complete tasks

Select a task from an App list and read the instructions carefully. Most of the time these are small surveys or email/phone number submissions. Complete the task and you will get a confirmation email with the amount that you earned.

Invite friends

You can also make money by inviting friends to AppDimes. Go to ‘Invite Friends’ menu and copy your invite link. you can promote your link anywhere.

We pay $0.75 per friend you refer from US/Europe and $0.5 for rest of the world!

You can promote your invite link in Facebook groups, Whatsapp, Viber or any other social media. but we don’t allow spamming. Please note that you can refer 10 friends per day.

Login daily

AppDimes also pays you for login in. you will get $0.05 per day

Withdraw money

We send payments on every Monday. $60 is the minimum balance to receive a payment.

Go to the Payments tab, enter your PayPal email and click save. If your balance is higher that $60, you will receive your money on next Monday. It may take up to three business days to process your payment.

Contact us

If you have any problem, you can contact us via [email protected]

You can also like our Facebook page and send a message.